Papiya Mitra

Papiya is a Marketing professional. Few years ago she got addicted to Quilling and quickly found a whole new world of card making and paper jeweleries. She is ever fascinated with different fold cards and jeweleries and loves to try something new at the first opportunity she gets. She loves experimenting with different techniques, products and ideas. Her recent new favorites are quilling jeweleries and greeting cards and she have been quite busy making them for friends, family and happy clients. Her favorite techniques are 3D quilling and weaving.


Rudrarup Mitra

Rudrarup is a software professional. He has been creating crafts and toys of all sorts from his school days. Recently he has been playing with clay and ceramics for creating beads and medallions. He works with stamps, punches, brushes and many unusual things he finds around the house. Currently he is more into creating scientific paper toys for kids of all ages.